Maybe my mom won’t have to go to the concert tonight and the Blickles and Brad and Weston (or Paul, ya right) can come over and I can win some more money like last night, boy did I kick their asses.

Hmm it wasn’t until now that I realized how fucking ugly Hillary Duff is. Whatever.

My dad’s coming home, I hate it when he’s home. Gahhh I’m so bored.

Haha I kicked that flys ass. I’m going to the Blickles house in like two minutes to play cards, great fun.

Nick was being a stupid head, he wanted to go to a haunted house but I decided we should go to Cedar Point. So I started throwing out dates and times to go which I had the best times ever, but Nick just kept laughing like it was never going to happen. I’ll show him, he’ll see when we’re all at cedar point and his ass is still at home and he’ll be like, “man Kyle is so awesomely awesome. Why did i have to be such a duesh and laugh at him.” Hahaha.

I made plans for ruleing the world: First I fail to Africa and take out Ghana’s capital with landmines and decoys (Chris Summers). Then from there I enslave the blacks and build an unstoppable army and just explode outward in Africa. After conquering Africa I will then make the most powerful army in the world. Take out Europe and advance to Russia, take 10 years off to build my army and just destroy all of Asia. Now the US hasn’t heard anything about this because it’s all been kept from them. From there we slowly set up bases in the Carribean, South America, Mexico and we can take out Hawaii too, and Canada. From there we invade America and it takes us ten days to secure the country. Then I rule for twenty years and get assassinated at age 50, gg. Yea I made that up in math one day in seventh grade.


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