I need new music.

Only 5 more Bulldog practices, thank god. Travis is stupid for not swimming highschool. I mean if he’s that serious about getting good he’s not gunna waste his time with the Bulldogs. If he were really comitted he would drive a half hour to Ann Arbor everyday and swim on Club Wolverine with the olympians. Waste the best time of your life for a shit hole like Bulldogs, good choice.

Well I decided I’d try for someone else because Sarah and Michelle didn’t work out that great.

Mondays blow. Today during lunch we hired Steve Rogers to kill Parent, stupid little bitch. Wow I’m tired. I tried choking myself to death in 6th hour the other day, AllisoNalley made me stop.

I’ve been thinking of how awesome this summer was… perhaps to awesome for my own good… so awesome that it leaves me in misery to think about it. Wow that was one hell of a summer.

One day you’ll see. Where can I get some drugs?

Today I kept the car on and the garage closed and I passed out, too bad my mom was there to rescue me :-/. Hopefully I won’t have to go to therapy for two months.


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