Practices of hell: 4 – Only they aren’t that bad because we’re tapering for a meet that I’m not even going to. Thank god for Braun.

So today I decided I liked Melissa from 4th hour, except it won’t matter cause she will never like me back. Why won’t anyone stop talking about Halo, it sucks and I will never play it in my life.

Today was ok… I guess. First hour sucked as usual, second hour never sucks, 3rd hour we had a quiz which I’m pretty sure I did good on, fourth hour we played a stupid game, fifth hour is boring as hell, and due to the new seat in sixth hour, it is so much fun next to Tyler and Jessica. We talk about so much shit and Jessica is writing a paper about how she made out with a sped from Holmes, her simile in the paper was “His tounge was like…” I had to finish is by saying “…a snake in my pants.” Oh well shit happens.

Everyone thinks Allison and I are going out… yea what losers would think that me and Allison would ever go out, I mean come on, I only liked her for a year or two.

Oh man, “it gets worse here everyday” without a girlfriend.

I still need new music…..

Off to practice.


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