Well it’s finally the weekend. Thank God.

Today during third hour I realized how little friends I actually had. While picking partners I was left with the only other person who didn’t get a partner. But I guess sixth hour wasn’t so bad. Sarah took my wallet and stuck it up her shirt, and down her pants… yea…

Swimming was easy, easy as hell. No body was there… Well now I’m done with Bulldogs until March… Thank God.

Outlook not so good: Still girls refuse to notice my existance. It’s not fair that I just want one person, and others GET many.

Champagne Supernova: How many special people change? How many lives and liven strange? Where were you while we were getting high? Slowly walking down the hall Faster then a cannonball Where were you while we were getting high?

I’m very tired. Krysten fucking leads me on, then gets all pissy at me. Telling her fucking peice of shit boyfriend that I was saying shit about her. Oh well if you want to mess with me I will kill you, none of this fighting shit, I’ll just flat out murder your fucking ass. God damn, I hate you all. I really wish I had some friends, but no. AllisoNalley hasn’t been acting very best friendish lately, always getting mad at me for no reason. Erick will go up to her and be like “Hey you fucking slut, whore. What’s up bitch?” she’ll be like “Oh, Hi! My most hottest friend Erick who never does anything wrong and is so cool and so hot.” Then I’ll go up to her “Hi Allison whats up?” and she’ll say “I’m sorry KyleHermann I’m not talking to you.” Wow thats great you’re an ass, I don’t care what you think of me anymore because if you get mad at me that easily then we obviously aren’t very good friends.

Well, I saw a really cool bass guitar that I hope to get for Christmas… yea. It’s a black “Warlock.” It looks sort of like a “V” but not.

Things aren’t getting better. 😦


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