What a long day. It just dragged on. 5th hour was kinda fun cause Camille said she wanted to have sex with me. I asked her what her favorite positions were, and if she were lose or tight, if she wanted to be on top or bottom.

Pratice wasn’t that fun, althought I did good. Afterwords someone stole my damn socks! Then Massman parked the farthest away from the door possible so he told me to go out and drive his car to him, so I did, it was fun. I’m still kinda mad about the socks though, water leaked through my shoe and got my foot all wet.

Over all I guess today was a good day, Allison is still a stupid bitch but I don’t care what she thinks anymore, practice was kinda hard, no morning practice, it was just kind of long but good none the less.


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