Alright over Mollie good times.

Tonight was fricken awesome, like 10 of the swim team people came over. We started off at like 1 and only 3 ppl were over, the party at hermanns kinda went down hill until 6 o’clock when every1 showed up. We ate pizza, played cards, video games, guitar whatever, then we went driving everyone met up at Massmans to get another car cause we were all cramped. Then Shultz, Eric Smith, Jeff, Sam and I got in there car and sped off and called Massman, Travis and Shoff to meet us on the parking garage at Laurel Park only cause they wanted to ditch Whalen. So we drove around and ding dong doorbell ditched Gods’s house, and Kierans house, when Shultz rang Kierans doorbell she opened it so fast it scared the shit out of him, Smith and I stayed in the car to drive off with them. Then we started to drive more and we met in the parking lot by Hoover, Smith backed out and ran over a parking thing and scraped the bottom of his car. Then he gave someone a lawn job and scraped the side of a fire hydrant. Then we all went back to my house and sat there for a while and decided to go somewhere else. Whalen started following our car again and we went down 8 Mile, Smith did a U-turn in the middle of the road and cut off Whalen, we ended up in the grass of some business and we sped off. Then Whalen caught back up to us. We drove down at mile shut off all of our lights and swerved into an ally. Whalen some how saw us same up next to us Smith backed out so fast crossed 7 mile into some neighborhood and we ditched Whalen, or so we thought. He caught back up and we met up with Massman at the Rite Aid on 8 and Farmingtonish. We parked facing the street and Whalen pulled in next to us. We sped off and we some how wound up at the Livonia Mall. We went in the parking lot circled around some cars, threw Whalen completely off, went over the hill on our side and almost hit a tree. Whalen was behind close, so we went down a deadend street, nice move. Smith turns around, Whalen thinks he’s gunna trap us but he turned into us and crashes into Smiths car. Smith gets out yells at him, gets back in and we speed off. Thats the last we saw of Whalen that night, I felt really bad about trying to ditch him because I don’t have a problem with him at all, but it was pretty fun doing that crazy shit. Then we went to Smith’s house and I met Mrs. Smith, we hung out in his basement just us 5, and then we went to meet Massman and the people in his car. Then we all came back to my house. Chilled for a while, some people left. Smith, Massman, and Shoff stayed, we played some ps2 and they left about half hour ago. It was such an  awesome night.


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