Rest in piece Eddie the Gerbil. For we will never know if u were a boy or a girl but we loved u anyway. I’m so sorry u had to leave. I love u and miss you. 12/12/04 We love you.

Well I wrote in this the other day but my internet decided to stop working when I hit save.

Pratice this morning was easy, we ran and did weights yea. Then this afternoon was kinda hard oh well. So now Brody is faster then me and he’s gunna win states which pisses me off cause I’ve been trying to win states since I was 12 and Brody just now is good and he’ll win it this time. Oh well. My time for swimming is almost up.

So yes, my gerbil died 😥 I miss it, I cried.

I had the most awesome dream last night. I was with this really beautiful girl and her boyfriend was there and she kept sitting with me and making him jealous. Whew man if only that would happen with me and her in real life, but it never will. This week has been a bitch the morning practices have been hard. But hey I JUST LOVE JUMPING IN THE COLD WATER AT 5:30! HURRAY FOR SWIMMING! yea how bout no. I like sleep and warm showers, and being warm and not cold. Yee.

So ya, I’ve decided I want to meet the beautiful Katelyn. Not gunna happen. We are 2-0 in swimming but who cares, Northville will be really hard. So brody won the 50 in a 23.8 but he wont beat massman. We have the fly, the breast, and the IM, they have the free and the back. Well itll pretty much come down to the relays. Ya we also own in diving cause Cody is awesome. But itll be hard none the less.

So Monday we had no practice in the afternoon. What a great way to start my day at 7 am hearing ‘no practice this afternoon’ from shoemaker, twas godly. So we went to jimmy johns, then to webers, i beat weber up and he knows it, then we drove around going like 25 down 8 mile farming and whatnot, at 45 on the freeway. It was awesome. We tipped of a porter potty in our car, Smith is crazy, I thought we were gunna push it. So then we stole stuff off of lawns and then i got home.

Hurray for the christmas break… not! 8-12 am practices everyday yay! I guess its better then eastern practices 6-8 then 4-6 45 minutes away, so like 9 hours of my day wasted. Blah only one more day of school until break though yar.

Man is Katelyn beautiful. Whatever.

I dunno exiled soul was saying this and i thought it was funny – when u say a girl is – hot; ud rape them if u could get away with it. cute; marginally fuckable. beautiful; ud like to go out with her get to no her, but shes fuckable. rar exiled is a funny guy who doesnt ever shut up.

Well ive been typing long enough. im out.


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