Tonight was frickin awesome! I won $36 dollars in poker twas amazing. I get down to about 1 dollar and win 3 in black jack, then i go all in in Omaha Hi/Lo and I’m like shit i lost, so i go get $5 in chips and i come back and tehre splitting the pot 3 ways and i somehow win 7 more, then i work my way up to $46. It was awesome, will lost about $30 during the game to me but broke even. Ferris lost $9 and Brody lost $20ish. But we had fun. Then I come home and…. I FIND MY $50!! FRICKIN AWESOME!! So now I have $300 in my coffee can, and i dont work, this is all poker income and allowance. So yea that was amazing. Then I get on Continuum and get the second highest rec. in the game of 18-10, I almost got MVP but I got eliminated. Yea! My night was great. Life is so grand!


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