Well I just wrote in here, alot, and then I went to submit and my internet just likes to stop working for about 30 seconds and then it’ll work again, so I lost it all.

Well I made $12 more dollars in poker playing with the same people. I put in $5 at a time up to $25 and eventually made it all back and then some. It’s cause of my lucky Texas sweatshirt, I haven’t lost with it on.

Practice has been hard, I don’t like to do anything after it. Today we had 3 hours of practice, well some people, they left at 11:00 then like 10 people stayed and we worked on strokes for an hour. Then we talks for a while then we went home.

VH1 Named Led Zeppelin #1 Rock band of all time, it was an okay choice. Hendrix was 3rd, pink floyd was like 15. The thing I didn’t like was how AC/DC was in front of Guns ‘n’ Roses, I mean I like them both but… I dunno I guess it was okay but it was like 10 in front and if you listen there like the exact same band.

Break is almost over :-/ I hate school. I mean it’s so pointless you go there for 6 hours, do the same thing u did the day before, and if 6 hours isn’t long enough, they make you take homework home and spend extra hours working on it. Homework is what the lazy ass teachers don’t have time to do in school. Let’s just get rid of Social Studies and Science and we’re fine.


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