Howdy. This weekend has been just splended.

Friday I split 2 5:20ishes in my 1000, and then a 4:46 in my 400 IM. That was the highlight of my Friday.

Saturday we lost to Northville at the meet but thats o.k. because all that matters is league meet. But it was awesome. I went a 5:16 in my 500, not my best time but I medaled. I anchored the relay, we were like in dead last and I caught up to Bardsley and beat northville and we got third. I split a 52 in my 100 free it was awesome. Then I hung out with some of the coolest people ever. I decided Paul is the coolest, funniest kid ever because he is… They picked me up, drove to Harry’s left cause it was boring. Drove, got some pizza, and went to Dan O’Briens house. We played cards. Paul thought I was like wasted or something. Oh well he didn’t no how to play cards. He flopped a flush and an open ended straight flush and folded. He would have got the straight flush. He is an awesome guitar player, I wish I could play like that… I was amazed. But anyway I was with Will, Brody, Dan, Paul and Brad, so it was pretty cool.

Today I was at a meet all day. I went a 54 in my 100 free, and a 2:13 again in my 200 IM. It was okay. I only swam 1 day and still got third place high point. Mike Lane got first but thats cause he swam all 3 days. Oh well.


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