My schedule blows. First hour is OK, weights with Shaw, I know alot of people in the class so I think it’ll be good. Second hour sucks because i got Tatar who looks like sumthing out of the ‘Scrooge’ movie. Third hour is ok, we were taking role and we had to say hi to the class when she called our name and I got an ‘Aww he’s cute’ hahah whatever, no one knows me in that class so whatever. Fourth hours blows, I sit right next to Bergeski in the front. Fifth hour sucks because Raf is gay, everything about him is boring; his voice, his work sheets, his room, math AHH! Sixth hour is okay because we don’t have baker we have a stupid teacher. I know a lot of people in the class and Kelly Perko is in it! We are um…. Bio Buddies, or so she says.

Thursday we went bowling with the girls team. Our goal in lane 13 was to bounce it 4 times off the bumpers then knock down 9. Some how I got 0|1 with bumbpers. Worst then without bumpers. Then we had a meet vs. Churchill. We won by a lot.

Friday, I dunno what I did. Saturday, prolly Sat here. Same with Sunday, and Monday blew.


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