wowzers the swim season is almost over. last nigtht we had a tri-meet vs Salem and Pioneer, we lost to pioneer but beat salem. i dropped 6 seconds in my 500 free and got down to a 5:07 then i dropped 4 seconds in my 200 im and out touched peter keeler for first in the heat and went a 2:09. i got first in both heats. prolly somewhere around 3rd over all.

school is going faster now that i guess im used to it.

less than 1 month until leagues hurray!!!1

today ive decided, by looking at chelsea racer and some other unmentionables, that cheerleaders are gay. u can tell there smiles are fake, cheerleading is such a stupid sport, ur dancing sucks it over it. expecially during pep assemblys when they do that cheer and tehres no music and they try to act tough. its pretty stupid. chelsea racer is still a fag tho, i heard what they did to her house pretty sweet stuff.


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