Captain’s Log: Day 1

As the Monday dawned into my seemingly empty soul, fate reered it’s ugly head into my pitiful face. I waited for the transportation of the transporter to arrive and transport me at the destination. With a mix of feelings as to what would soon befall onto me, I imagined being on a roller coaster that I could not get off, knowing I could not quit until it was over with. I arrived at the destination and made my way down the walk of shame. I got into the uniform for which I would be performing in for the next few hours and slowly made my way to the field of which I was to perform. From there I met with the felicatations malfactor. We started off with a grueling ten 300′ of multiple movement, not so bad at the onset but what would happen I knew would come. We finished that and proceeded on to the twenty 450′ on which I was moved to the slow opening. I was to lead while doing 300′. My arms gave way at about the 75 minute mark for which I knew there was no turning back. I completed the rest of the performance and made my way to write the log. Perhaps better fortune will bestow me on the marrow.


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  1. haha i agree with youswim practice sucks :)but that didn’t sound like BAC practice so..?speaking of which, good job for ur first day backyet again u went behind savannah ;)<33 natalie

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