so i decided to come back to practice to get in shape and fulfill my goal of doing the uninevitable. whatever ur gay. so i hung out with b schoff and mc on saturday night and we tried to hook mike up with these people. mike was being the queer bag that he is and was running away. yea whatever. so i got my permit and i drove places. i might go driving right now hurray. i thought this song was pretty sweet. bobby said it had a sweet riff but the guys voice sucks. oh well it is one of godsmacks better songs. they have 3 that are the same but what can ya do about it. no im not swimming in the meet this weekend cause i am definitly not in shape to do it yet. but i will be back in shape soon. as i already am.

so i was swimming in front of brynn and ive only been back to practice for 5 days. and she goes ya well atleast i dont slack.. let’s look at this… ur swimming behind someone who has been oout for 2 months and u call that not slacking? and u say im slacking by going in front of someone who took no breaks? yea thats right. im a slacker cause i can beat u. whatever ur gay.


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