Okay, so here’s the thing, I’m writting this because I think this is the way everyone should live there life, not under what the media say but under what we as human beings feel, (ex. sluts are what the media say not what we feel.) With contributions from Chris Berloth I hope you will take the time to read this and maybe think about how retarded the way we live can be:

The effects of the media:

Ten years ago actresses were not required to be skinny at all, in fact skinny was the exception. Medium to thick build girls were the standard. Now all you see on T.V. are underweight, overpayed actors and actresses and let’s face it, you wish you could look just like them, skinny, tons of make up the fabulous outfits. Why do you want to look like that? That is what the media says you should look like. MTV, VH1 and the other hollywood networks have dragged people down from there normal healthy style of living to a good-look, skinny crazed kind of lifestyle. You need to snap out of that. Society’s stereotypes for women and men:

I have some complaints to you women of America that think have given in to the fashion and gossip. First I must ask you, why do you gossip about other peoples lives? They aren’t your own stay out of them. Becuse of the people that have turned to fashion and gossip you have alowed men and women stereotypes grow to the point where if a guy has sex with seven women hes priased by men and if a girl has had sex with seven men she is automatically a slut. How come there’s a difference between men and women? Aren’t we all just human beings? Who the hell cares how many people we have sex with. It’s none of your business unless you’re the one getting banged. Gossipers have brought it to the point where if a man does solo porn he is gay, and if a girl does solo porn she is straight. There is no difference people. A girl who does oral sex on another girls isn’t considered lesbian, or even bysexual, but the first time a guy sucks a dick he is considered gay. You people live your lives to the point where you have to live by what is socially acceptable. You’re retarded for that. You might recall a commercial with Puff Daddy and his pepsi truck, that is how we live are lives. We want. He had a pepsi truck we all want to be just like him. And for what? Let’s all be just like [Puff Daddy – in this case] and drive what he drives because he’s cool and we want to be cool. How retarded is that? If you as a readed had half a brain, you’d stop gossiping, stop caring what people think and live your own life. If you are a girl and want to be a slut, that is fine, we just ask ourselves, why aren’t men treated the same? The media sells it and you just give in. Shame on you for wanting to live your life like someone else, shame on you for wanting to live the acceptable life, and shame on you people for hearing about a girls one night of fun then shes a slut.

And to all you white guys that think you are “ghetto”:

  1. A section of a city occupied by a minority group who live there especially because of social, economic, or legal pressure.
  2. An often walled quarter in a European city to which Jews were restricted beginning in the Middle Ages.
  3. Something that resembles the restriction or isolation of a city ghetto: “trapped in ethnic or pink-collar managerial job ghettoes”

Are you really “ghetto” now? So you are living in a section of a city occupied by a minority group? I don’t see how this makes you “ghetto” when you live in Livonia, which is statistically the whitest city on Earth for its population size. You “ghetto” white boys, I’m terribly sorry for your oppression. Maybe you can start a movement to get white guys more power in this city. You no? It can be like a white movement to get you “ghetto” white boys an equal opportunity to break out of your oppressive establishment. To quote Wyatt Stahl “Are you Ghetto/Prep/Skater? all three.” So he’s an oppressed skater prep? Thanks for your time on that issue.

I really hope you people open your god damn eyes.

With more to come as I continue to view the retarded ways of human nature. Thank you for your time.


VH1: The fabulous life of celebrities.

Wyatt Stahl’s MySpace questionare.

Chris Berloth.



3 thoughts on “

  1.               All right. Though much of the sexual ideals spawn from an attempt to shun the life of a person who has sex just for the hell of it with anyone he or she wants. We shun them for reasons related to religion, tradition, and health.
                  For the most part your ideals are correct but for manking to move in this direction as a whole society would be entirely a joke because of the tendencies of mankind to humiliate his fellow man.(gossip, etc.)
                  For you paragraph about “wiggers” and “wegros,”(Referring to the paragraph about white people who think they are “ghetto,” I believe you are totally right. These people are dumb for bringing themselves down to the level of an illiterate person from the slums. Go read a book or something dumbasses. All you do is play basketball and wear fancy clothing that costs way more that a human should ever pay for such stupid looking clothes. I mean; They hang off your body like rags. Does that serve any point at all?
                    The attitude they have seems to be popularized by a tendency of society to follow the example of the fools and criminals. Appealing to the immoral side of each human is this example. They follow the example of a minority gangster from the inner city because he commands power. He has sex with whomever he wants, he has the drugs, he has the booze, he has the money (whenever he wants to steal it). The example set by him follows not only those physical aspects, but also the idea that because he lives in the slums, he is being opressed by the white people. This attitude of “It’s not my fault” is carried now not only by the minorities in the slums, but everyone willing to follow this example of a seemingly powerful man.
                     Overall I agree with this commentary on society, but I decided to add my own ideas that perhaps you (The author) may want to expand on in any further editions.

  2. My points are to the gentleman caller (i enjoy his name, i dunno if he got it from a james patterson books or not but i like it) whom i somewhat agree and disagree with.  “We shun them for reason of religion, tradition, and health” bullshit (no offense).  Health, well jeez we have condoms there is no reason you should shun person(s) for having sex because of the health issue, we can prevent any danger to our health.  Tradition, it is tradition to have sex my man.  How the hell do you think you came to exist on this earth.  Sex is not only for making children but also to express your love to one another.  I am not saying that people do not have sex just to feel pleasure, what kyle and I are trying to say is that those who have sex repeatredly just to have an orgy are skanks weather they are male or female.  Religion, this is a country that represents freedom of religion (bullshit we dont really everything is based off christianity) so therefor if they want to have sex no one should ridicule them because it is against RIDICULER’S belief. they should only critisize if its against the one have sex’s belief.
    I agree with you both about the wiggers, no questions asked, i hate any one- white, black, asian, arab, latino- who acts “black” or a better way to put it is “hood” or “gangster”.  It is not becoming to act like someone who is slum and who has no respect for our laws or our people or for themselves.  there is no reason to have your pants off your ass, they dont do anything, no reason wear pants then.
    just expressing my opinion farther then what kyle has already added to his essay.
    -Chris Berloth

  3.               As to your criticisms of my opening statement, I am simply stating why we as a civilized culture have somewhat followed the idea of staying sexualy monogomous. I am not defending the practice, though I myself would normally defend it.

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